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Name (Last, First Middle)Burton, Travis A.
Branch at time of eventUSAF
Home Town
Home State
High School
High School Activities
Post High School
Academy Experiences
Academic Degree Major
Active Duty Assignments
Civilian Positions
Award Year2009
Award Summary InformationCaptain Travis A. Burton, United States Air Force Academy Class of 2000, distinguished himself through his heroic actions while serving as an A-10 Pilot assigned to the 81 st Fighter Squadron, Spangdahlem AB, Germany Captain Burton is a member of the United States Air Forces in Europe command. On the night of 24 January 2008, Captain Burton flew as the flight lead in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. He was tasked to provide close air support for a coalition forces convoy taking heavy and accurate small arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire in the vicinity of Sangular Ghar, Afghanistan. Captain Burton coordinated with air assets on scene to gain situational awareness. The task was made more difficult by treacherous terrain and cloud cover. After other aircraft attacked and returned to base, Captain Burton dropped below the weather into the narrow mountain pass to locate the enemy stronghold. He marked the target with a white phosphorus rocket to confirm target identification and minimize the potential for fratricide. Over the next 90 minutes, his and other aircraft made multiple low-altitude passes over the target, firing rockets and high-explosive 30MM rounds, shooting at minimum range as target identification proved difficult. They also made show-of-force passes over the battlefield to deter further enemy aggression. With exacting detail, the pilots surgically struck enemy positions 15 to 20 meters from the coalition force convoy until the battle ended. Battle-damage estimates revealed that 30 to 40 anti-coalition militia had been killed.
Involved Crew Members
Burial Site/DateN/A
Aeronautical Speciality RatingPilot
Notable Military and Civilian Decorations & AwardsDFC,AM(3),AFCM(3)
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