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Name (Last, First Middle)Visconi, Mark W.
Branch at time of eventUSAF
SquadronCS 26
Home TownGarden City
Home StateMI
High School
High School Activities
Post High SchoolNone
Academy ExperiencesForensics,DebateTeam, Supt'sList(5),Dean'sList,Comm'sList(2)
Academic Degree MajorBS-PolSci USAFA 1993
Active Duty AssignmentsPltTng,LaughlinAFB,TX;94:C-130E Plt,37AS,RamsteinAB,Ger;98:MC- 130HAcftCmdr/InstPilot,15SOS,HurlburtField,FL;01:S tu,MdrnStandArabic,DefLangInst,Monterey,CA;02:Olms tedScholar,Cairo,Egypt;04:MC-130H,FTU,InstPlt/Lead ProgMgr/AsstDirOps,550SOS/DOA,KirtlandAFB;06:Frgn PolicyAdvsrtotheCmdr HQ,9AF/AFCENT,ShawAFB,SC; DepDir,HQ9AF/AFCENTA5,ShawAFB,SC;
Civilian Positions
Award Year2007
Award Summary InformationOn April 6, 2008, a 130-man assault force of American and Afghan soldiers was flown into the Shok Valley by CH-47 Chinook helicopters with a mission to capture a top insurgent target. As the assault force assembled near a riverbed in the valley’s rocky terrain, two 335th Fighter Squadron F-15E Strike Eagles soared above, providing cover and hunting for potential threats from the insurgents’ mountainside village stronghold. Prichard Keely was flying air support when gunfire erupted from an insurgent position, pinning down a small contingent of the assault group, which had broken away from the main force. Keely was forced to engage the enemy ground targets despite their close proximity to U.S. troops. During a three hour sortie, during which the F-15s undertook two in-air refuelings, Keely coordinated air strikes from a joint tasking of AH-64 Apache helicopters and A-10 Warthogs. By the end of the fight, between 150 and 200 insurgents were killed and U.S. ground forces were safely re-united with the primary assault group. For his actions, Keely was awarded the Jabara Award for Airmanship.
Involved Crew Members
Burial Site/DateN/A
Aeronautical Speciality RatingSenior Pilot
Notable Military and Civilian Decorations & AwardsBSM,AAM,AFCM,MSM,AM(7) Jabara Award
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