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Name (Last, First Middle)Hanover, Jason L
Branch at time of eventUSAF
Home Town
Home State
High School
High School Activities
Post High School
Academy Experiences
Academic Degree MajorBS-Mgt USAFA 1992, MS BusAdmin,LoyolaMarymountUniv 1994 SOS(R)1999(Distinguished Graduate) ACSC(C) 2003 ArmyCGSC(R) 2005 Jt&CombWarfightingSch2006JtFrsStaffCol 2006 AWC(C) 2007 AF Fellow,InstforNearEastPolicy 2011
Active Duty Assignments92; Mgr of Acq Rpts, MILSATCOM; 93; Fnc Alyst, MILSATCOM JPO, Los Angeles AFB, Calif. 95 PltTng & MWS Training, 97 Combat Planner/MC-130H Pilot, 15th Spec Op Sq, Hurlburt Field, Fla: 00 Cbt Plnr/MC-130H Acft Cmdr, 15th SpecOpsSq, Hurlburt Field, Fla: 00 Plns Flt Cmdr/MC130H AcftCmdr, 15th SpecOps Sq, Hurlburt Field, Fla: 01 SQ ChSfty/MC130H InstPlt, 7th Spec OpsSq, RAF Mildenhall, UK: 03 Cmdr Gp Ops/MC-130H InstPlt, 352nd SpecOpsGp, RAF Mildenhall, UK : 04 IDE Stu, C & G SC, Fort Leavenworth, Kan: 05 JRX & EDRE Div Ch, JtSpecOpsCmd, Fort Bragg, N.C: 06 De Dir for Ops, Jt Spec OpsCmd (J7), Fort Bragg, N.C: 07 23rd WgCh of Sfty, Moody AFB, Ga: 08 Dir of Ops, 71st ResSq, Moody AFB, Ga: 09 Cmdr, 71st ResSq, Moody AFB, Ga: 10; AF Fellow, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy: 11; Cmdr, 563rd ResGp, Davis-Monthan AFB , Ariz.
Civilian Positions
Award Year2004
Award Summary InformationMajor Jason L. Hanover, U.S. Air Force Academy Class of 1992, is the winner of the 2004 Jabara Award for Airmanship for heroism displayed during multiple combat missions as aircraft commander on the MC-1 30H Combat Talon II during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. On a groundbreaking mission, he flew more than 3,800 miles and overcame multiple enemy AAA engagements to accomplish the first precision combat resupply mission in Afghanistan. The mission saved the lives of a 12-man Special Forces team engaged by advancing Taliban. One month later, he earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for gallantry for piloting his aircraft at 250 feet in bad weather, through dangerous terrain and multiple enemy AAA barrages to deliver critical supplies to a Special Forces team surrounded by Taliban and AI Qaeda troops. In Iraq, he earned his second DFC as the three-ship element lead on the first fixed-wing infiltration mission of the war. Using night-vision goggles, he flew as low as 100 feet over rough terrain, lost critical hydraulic systems due to enemy fire, and survived a missile launch, to successfully assault and secure a key staging base deep inside northern Iraq.
Involved Crew Members
Burial Site/DateN/A
Aeronautical Speciality RatingSenior Pilot
Notable Military and Civilian Decorations & AwardsDFC w/ Valor Device(2),BS,DMSM,MSM,AM(3), AAM(2), JSCM,AFCM,AFAM(2) Jabara Award
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