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Name (Last, First Middle)Flynn, Daniel E.
Branch at time of eventUSAF
SquadronCS 33
Home TownMagnolia
Home StateMD
High School
High School Activities
Post High School
Academy Experiences
Academic Degree MajorBS-CompSci USAFA 1991
Active Duty Assignments91:PltTng ReeseAFB; 93: Plt 9SOS EglinAFB; 96: Plt 17SOS,KadenaAB JA; 99: 550SOS AETC,Holloman AFB; 04: ANGB Pilot,AFSOC Hurlburt Field;
Civilian Positions04: Pilot Northwest Airlines; 04: AFRES Pilot AFSOC Hurlburt,AFB; 11: Pilot,Delta Air Lines;
Award Year1998
Award Summary InformationCaptain Daniel E. Flynn, Class of 1991, has been named the recipient of the 1998 Jabara Award for Airmanship for sustained superior performance as a leader and pilot whose quick thinking and extraordinary professionalism produced positive results from several life threatening situations. He was involved in serious aircraft emergencies, came under hostile fire in Bosnia, led a no-notice, real-world rescue mission and performed flawlessly on countless JCS-directed and Joint Combined Exchange Training exercises in the Pacific Theater. He was nominated by Air Force Special Operations Command. Captain Flynn's accomplishments began during a 16th Special Operations Wing Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) when he flew six missions as a MC-130 aircraft commander. During one of these missions, he was rerouted while airborne, accomplishing a refueling in 'hostile' territory, receiving an 'outstanding' rating for the flight. Within 10 days of reporting at Kadena AB, he volunteered for a short-notice contingency exercise in which he flew over 6,300 miles in two days, logging over 22 hours of flight time and flying the first-ever refueling of MH-47 helicopters by 17th Special Operations Squadron crews. Later, as a key participant in a 353rd Special Operations Group (SOG) ORI in conjunction with the JCS-directed exorcise FOAL EAGLE, he airdropped 60 South Korean special forces troops and received a rating of 'excellent'. Captain Flynn volunteered to take his crew to Italy over Christmas to relieve the 67th Special Operations Squadron at JOINT ENDEAVOR. He logged the first combat time for the 17th Special Operations Squadron since the end of the Vietnam conflict and was fired upon by 20mm AAA on his approach to Sarajevo, taking evasive action and completing his mission. When the mission commander and support staff were delayed for JCS-directed exercise TANDEM THRUST in Australia, Captain Flynn stepped in to assume mission commander duties for tour aircraft and 156 personnel while still performing his duties as squadron planner and working 24¨hour shifts. Later, while flying a training mission in Korea, his aircraft was hit by a flock of mallard ducks severely damaging the aircraft. His immediate actions prevented the loss of his aircraft. When civil war erupted in Cambodia, Captain Flynn was handpicked as the aircraft commander on his group's lead aircraft which deployed to Thailand. He then planned his unit's first deployment to Alaska in two years from scratch, working all bed-down and logistics issues, planning all sorties, and reworking the deployment when a typhoon forced evacuation two days prior to scheduled departure. He was then sent to Squadron Officers School where he graduated first in his flight and was later chosen as the 353rd Pilot of the Year for 1997. While deployed to Korea for a training exercise, on completion of a 13-hour mission, Captain Flynn heard about a rescue operation for a downed F-16. He immediately offered assistance, received a crew day extension and had his aircraft refueled and prepared for fight Flying to the scene, his aircraft relieved an AC-130H which was acting as on-scene commander. His crew found a fuel spill in the water and directed helicopters and South Korean naval vessels to the area, and also provided air refueling for the helicopters.
Involved Crew Members
Burial Site/DateN/A
Aeronautical Speciality RatingPilot
Notable Military and Civilian Decorations & AwardsAAM(2),AFCM,AFAM Jasbara Award 1998
CommentsResigned 2004, Active in NatlGuard/Reserve
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