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Name (Last, First Middle)Andrews, William F.
Branch at time of eventUSAF
SquadronCS 27
Home TownWaterloo
Home StateNY
High SchoolWaterloo High School, Waterloo, NY
High School Activities
Post High School
Academy ExperiencesDean's List - 6 semesters, Comm's list - 1 semester, Nav Club President 1979. Flight commander
Academic Degree MajorBS - MilitaryHist USAFA-1980 MA History UnivAlabama - 1993 ACSC(R) AirWC(S)
Active Duty AssignmentsPltTng/InstrPlt,37FTSq,ColumbusAFB;85:InstrPlt 390ECSq,MountainHomeAFB;89:Plt,0TFSq,HahnABGW;91:27Feb-6MarPOW,Iraq;91:InstrPlt, 311TFTngSq,LukeAFB; 94:Stu,SAAS;96: CmdrActionGp, ACC;97:Cmdr,389FS,MountainHomeAFB;00:Cmdr,366OpsGp,MountainHomeAFB;02:J-8,JCS; 04:Instructor, NationalWarCollege,WashDC.
Civilian Positions
Award Year1991
Award Summary InformationOn 24 February 1991, Captain Andrews led a flight 0f four F-16Cs against the armed forces of the Republic of Iraq approximately 35 nautical miles north of Talil Airfield. Originally tasked to work an armed reconnaissance mission more than 100 miles south of Talil, the flight was diverted when it became apparent that a covert U. S. Army Special Forces team was in -trouble. The 16-member team had been discovered and was surrounded by a company-size Iraqi force. Captain Andrews quickly took control of the situation in the air, made radio contact with the special forces, and directed his flight against the approaching enemy troops. With complete disregard for their own personal safety, and in the face of intense enemy 23mm and 37mm anti-aircraft fire, Captain Andrews' flight made multiple attacks, skillfully placing cluster bomb munitions on target--as close as 200 meters to friendly positions. Faced with approaching sunset and very low visibility, the flight was required to make several dry passes to pinpoint enemy location. They remained on target for an extended period of time before a relief flight arrived on the scene. This ran the flight critically short of fuel. but Captain Andrews managed to coordinate for an unscheduled tanker to be available for successful air-to-air refueling prior to returning to home base. On the last pass in the target area, designed to pinpoint the enemy location for the handoff to the relieving flight, Captain Andrews put his bombs exactly on target, causing numerous enemy casualties and forcing the remaining enemy troops to retreat. As a direct result of Captain Andrews' airmanship and leadership, enemy forces were unable to capture the Special Forces team and U. S. Army helicopters were able to safely extract them without a single casualty. Captain Andrews received the Distinguished Flying Cross for this mission.
Involved Crew MembersNone
Burial Site/DateUSAF Academy/8 June, 2015
Aeronautical Speciality RatingCommand Pilot
Notable Military and Civilian Decorations & AwardsAFC,LOM,DFC(2),PH,BSM,MSM(4),AM(6),AFCM(3),AFAM,POWM Jabara Award
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