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Name (Last, First Middle)Bushnell, Mart H.
Branch at time of eventUSAF
SquadronCS 19
Home TownSan Francisco
Home StateCA
High SchoolSerra High School, San Mateo, CA.
High School ActivitiesFootball
Post High SchoolUniv of CA.Berkley (1.5) Coll of San Mateo (1.5)
Academy ExperiencesSki Club, Bowman Club, CathRelCouncil, FgnLang Club, Supt's List(4), Dean's List(1), Comm's List(2)
Academic Degree MajorBS-EngSci, USAF Academy, 1964 MS-SysMgmt, UnivSthrnCal, 1976
Active Duty AssignmentsPltTng WilliamsAFB; Plt416TFSq TanSonNhutABSVN/BienHoaABSVN/1AT VungTauSVN; InstrPlt 4510CCTWg LukeAFB; PltFrTestPltSch IstresFR; Stu DLI: Instr USAFTestPltSch EdwardsAFB; USC-MS SysMgt; Plt 17WildWeasleSq KoratTH; Plt F-15JointTestForce EdwardsAFB; Plt 3346TestWg EglinAFB; PltF-16XL 6510TestWg EdwardsAFB; V-Cmdr AFFltTestCen EdwardsAFB: SiteMgr CompSciCorp EdwardsAFB
Civilian PositionsRange Manager UTTR Hill AFB
Award Year1979
Award Summary InformationMajor Mart H. Bushnell, distinguished himself through extraordinary airmanship as the Air-to-Air Weapons Integration Project Manager for the F-15 tactical fighter. He developed all the test profiles for the AIM-7F Sparrow missile and personally piloted the F-15 for half of the live test firings. He identified and implemented major improve¨ments to the missile, autopilot, and radome subsequently adopted for production aircraft. He simplified the missile symbology on the F-15 head up display reducing pilot task loading during combat engagement. In addition, he developed the interface for the AIM-9L Sidewinder missile. As with the Sparrow, he originated the Sidewinder test profile and piloted the F-15 during ten separate test firings. As the project pilot for the tests of both the regular and wide-dispersion 20mm guns, Major Bushnell established the inflight firing envelopes which produced superior air-to-air capability. Additionally, he contributed significantly to the overall F-15 test program in the areas of aircraft and system performance, flying qualities, radar improvements, engine tests, and braking evaluations.
Involved Crew MembersNone
Burial Site/DateN/A
Aeronautical Speciality RatingCommand Pilot
Notable Military and Civilian Decorations & AwardsLM,DFC,MSM(2),AM(15),AFCM Jabara Award, 1979
CommentsRetired Colonel, 1992
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