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Name (Last, First Middle)Carleton, Roger E.
Branch at time of eventUSAF
SquadronCS 10
Home TownMidwest City
Home StateOK
High SchoolWarner-Robins Sr. High School, Warner-Robins, GA.
High School ActivitiesBaseball, Golf, Swimming
Post High SchoolTexas A&M College(2)Phi Eta Sigma Member
Academy ExperiencesGolf, Ski Club, Class Cmte, Engineering Club,Supt's List(8)
Academic Degree MajorBS-EngrSci, USAF Academy, 1967 MS-Astro, PurdueUniv,1968 SOS(R), 1972 ACSC(C),1977 ArmyC&GSCol, 1978 AirWC, 1987
Active Duty AssignmentsMS Astro PurdueUniv; PltTng VanceAFB; Plt 4515CCTSq LukeAFB; Pit 615TFSq PhanRangABSVN; Plt 416TFSq EnglandAFB; Plt429'TFSq Ne11isAFB/TakhliABTH; SOS; ASTRA LegislativeLnDiv HqUSAF; Plt JointTestForce 4486TestSq EdwardsAFB; InstrPlt Detl TFWC 333TFTngSq DavisMonthanAFB; ArCGS; StaffO P&O/JointOpnsDiv JCS HqUSAF; Plt 23TFWg/Cmdr 76TFSq EnglandAFB; AsstDptyCmdrOpns 81TFWg BentwatersRAFStnUK; USAFELn AirWC MaxwellAFB; AirWC; ExOtoCINCUSAFE RamsteinABGer ; V-Cmdr/Cmdr 86TFWg RamsteinABGer; Cmdr81TFW,RAF Bentwaters,UK;Cmdr 36FW USAFE Bitburg Ger; Operation Provide ComfortCommander Combined Task Force; Cmdt ArmedForcesSC
Civilian PositionsDeputy Director/General Manager Boeing
Award Year1977
Award Summary InformationMajor Roger E. Carleton made outstanding contributions to the devel¬opment and operational success of the A-10 tactical weapons system. As the primary pilot during the development testing and evaluation to determine operational suitability of the A-10, his role required unique and superior skills as an airman. The require¬ments he faced were varied and demanded the ultimate in airmanship, the highest standards of technical competence, and a deep knowledge of tactical fighter doctrine and tactics. During the testing pro¬gram Major Carleton emerged as the key individual in determining the operational compatibility of the A-10. His evaluations included weapons delivery, air refueling, defensive combat maneuvering, and tactical employment under varied combat conditions. He successfully addressed difficult technical challenges of engineering under the demands of precision flying, and judg¬ment needed in the evaluation of this advanced wea¬pons system. His efforts have greatly enhanced the effective¬ness of the tactical fighting arm of the nation.
Involved Crew MembersNone
Burial Site/DateN/A
Aeronautical Speciality RatingCommand Pilot
Notable Military and Civilian Decorations & AwardsDSM,DSSM(2),LM(2),DFC(5),DMSM,MSM(4),AM(21),AFCM(3) Jabara Award, 1977
CommentsRetired BrigGen, 1 Sep, 1996
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